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Bed of roses!

indian bride bed of roses

Photography composed of everything that is needed there: a bride and flowers, lots of flowers!

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What beautiful and big eyes the bride has!

indian bride one eye

The beauty and detail of the Indian bride wrapped in an original pose.

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Before the ceremony, leaving home perhaps...

indian bride stairs

Time will tell if the descent of the stairs is a climb to eternal happiness...

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Lovely Indian Bride

lovely indian bride

Noble mix of colors in an elegant bride on a simple background results in a charismatic photograph, don't you think?

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Magnificient Indian Bride

magnificent indian bride

When the scenery has everything to do with the photographed...

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Indian Bride

indian bride

The sari is the preferred and most common garment for brides in India. However, they can also wear clothes like mekhela, Lehenga, Gagra Choli and Odni as wedding dresses, depending on the region of the country.

Did you know that a bride in India is called 'Dulhan'?

Indian Wedding in Punjab

indian wedding in punjab

Did you know that brides avoid wearing white?
The reason is that the white color is a symbol of mourning. Preference goes to a colorful sari, according to the region of origin. As a curiosity, red is a very popular color among brides, because it represents two of the most important things for those who marry: happiness and good luck.

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