Posing with a car photography

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Lewis Hamilton Poses with his Mercedes

lewis hamilton poses with his mercedes

How imposing is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 of the Formua 1 pilot...

Photo source: benzinsider

Beautiful car and model!

beautiful car and model

Which is more charming, the model or the car? Maybe both.

Photo source: pinterest

Posing with a vintage car!

two girls posing with an old car

A beautiful photograph from the 20s or 30s, who knows!

Photo source: etsy.com

Old car on a wedding

wedding car posing

An old car always looks good at any wedding. Excellent photography!

Photo source: shootproof

Commercial photography with models in pin-up poses posing with a car

pin-up poses

A beautiful model posing in a vintage car always makes for an exceptional photograph!
Pin-up girls represent power, independence and femininity. Betty Grable (the girl with the million dollar legs) was one of the most popular pin-up women of the last century. Also very well known in this matter at that time, was the actress Bettie Page.

CR7 new collection, posing with a car - fashion milano, underwear

CR7 new collection

One of the best players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo! In addition to being a top player, he is also a successful entrepreneur in the underwear industry.
One of Cristiano Ronaldo's businesses is his underwear brand. CR7, in addition to being a very good soccer player, is also a successful businessman.

Old car with family posing!

Old car with family posing

This vintage photograph takes us back many years. The people, the car, the house, a perfect framing!
A classic car, highly prized by collectors, is a vintage car aged 20 years or older, although minimum age definitions vary widely. These cars are very popular for events, weddings or for example as a "backdrop" for a family photo.

Soccer player Pele posing with a car: his Mercedes-Benz!

Soccer player Pele and his Mercedes-Benz

This luxurious Mercedes-Benz 280 SE was a gift from the automaker in recognition of the achievements of one of the most famous football players of all time: Péle!
For many, the best player of all time. A Brazilian who fascinated us with his top football. And, apparently, he was a big fan of the German brand: Mercedes-Benz!

Erotic pose photography

Erotic pose photography

A beautiful woman posing with a car, as well as a beautiful landscape are the perfect ingredients for a perfect photograph!
Whether for leisure or for professionals. erotic and provocative poses have always been very popular among those who know how to capture the essence of a good photograph.

Wedding day!

Wedding day

How many marriages love posing with a car that is vintage? Many! Why? Because they make great pictures!
Weddings are an event where everyone needs transportation, right? The choice of many couples for an event of this nature is a classic car. It always looks good.

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