Photography of Nature

The most beautiful photographs of landscapes, views and tourist attractions. In short: Mother Nature!

The tower


A bridge overlooking a vast ocean.

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A brain or just rock?

vermilion cliffs

What a beautiful evening! Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona.

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

Joshua trees

joshua trees

Joshua trees grow almost exclusively in the Mojave Desert in the US.

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

Arizona desert

arizona desert

The Sonoran Desert, divided between the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

A magical painting, here on earth!

landscape in new mexico

What can we say about this landscape in New Mexico? Perfection, magic and beauty in a single photograph!

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

Swamp Sunset

swamp sunset

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife paradise along the Tennessee River, Alabama, United States who presents us with magnificent photographs like this one!

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

Boats waking up

boats waking up

Boats floating on a calm lake at sunrise. A perfect photo somewhere in the Dolomites of Italy.

Photo source: outdoorphotographer

Underwater World

underwater world

Photo taken from below a shoal of fish. Nature at its best! simply gorgeous!

Photo source: nationalgeographic

The forest


The dominant terrestrial ecosystem of our planet is the forest, you know?

Lavander fields, France Provence

lavender fields france

The Provence region of southern France has the most beautiful purple lavender fields in all of Europe. (in the month of June).

Photo source: Youtube

A bridge in a beautiful landscape

A bridge in a beautiful landscape

A man, a bicycle and a bridge over a beautiful landscape and we have the perfect shot! A delightful landscape and a bridge compose this photograph worthy of bows and postcards...

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