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Who's in charge here?

who's in charge here?

It's Mr. Paul sure. Nobody dares to challenge that mustache!

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About to get married... surrounded by people

surrounded by people

The bride preparing for the wedding, surrounded by people. Here, the effect of hairspray highlighted.

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Dancing or a karate chop?

dancing people

A beautiful photograph of a dancer surrounded by metal. Budapest City.

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Fire station people

fire station people

Fire department ready for whatever comes next... People who save us in the hours of grip!

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Pacu Jawi race!

pacu jawi race

Pacu Jawi, a cow race in a muddy rice field, in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Donetsk oblast, Ukraine

soldiers firing artillery

The daily lives of Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut, pictured here, firing artillery at Moscow troops.

Photo source: theguardian

A swimmer among fish!

swimming among fish

Brazilian swimmer (Ana Cunha) swimming among fish jumping out of the water. Ana could not observe the fish, but the photographer's lens did!

Photo source: veja.abril

"Help!", one of John Lennon's favorite songs

beatles help

The Beatles achieved worldwide fame at a dizzying speed. And as a result of that, the idea for the title of a song was born: "Help!"

Photo source: nationalgeographic

Ukrainian soldiers return from the front line in Bakhmut

ukrainian soldier

The bloodiest and longest fighting in Bakhmut, one of the most attacked Ukrainian cities by Moscow troops.

Photo source: noticiasaominuto

The warrior's rest

the warrior's rest

Photograph of a reality of our time. War instead of peace! Sad.

Photo source: worldphoto

People working hard

people working hard

A beautiful day-to-day photograph of a hard-working Asian couple.

Photo source: worldphoto

A tribe from South America

a tribe from south america

A photograph that illustrates a beautiful dusk of a tribe waiting for bedtime.

Photo source: worldphoto

Lovely old couple

lovely couple

So loving this couple is! Complicity is what essentially this photograph shines through.

Old man

old man

An elderly man with a massive beard in a beautiful black and white photograph.

Old lady and her pet

old woman

Female turkeys have small feathers on top of their heads, while most male turkeys have no feathers. Is it a male or female turkey in the picture?

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

isabel 2 uk

Born in London on April 21, 1926 and died on September 8, 2022. The Queen was the longest-lived monarch in the history of the British Crown, enjoying remarkable popularity around the world.

Chaos in the kitchen

kitchen chaos

No matter the chaos in the kitchen, what's important is cooking with joy. Delightful special effects on this photograph!

Photo source: Rangefinder

La tomatina festival, Spain

La tomatina festival, Spain

La Tomatina is an event held in the city of Buñol, in Valencia, Spain, in August. People cheer as they throw tomatoes at each other.

Minutes after the 9/11 tragedy

Minutes after the 9/11 tragedy

The terrorist attacks that changed the world. It was on September 11, 2001 that US saw its life turned upside down on that fateful morning.

Pacu jawi cow racing, Indonesia

Pacu jawi cow racing, Indonesia

The Pacu Jawi is a traditional and unique bull race in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. What is at stake here is the speed and ability of these animals to run straight.

Bullfighting: Julio Aparicio in Las Ventas, Spain


Julio Aparicio Díaz is a top career bullfighter, whose performance in Las Ventas, Spain, led to him being hospitalized. A bad day for sure!

Aishwarya Rai: Indian actress, dancer, singer, songwriter and supermodel.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai was the winner of the Miss World title in 1994, basically the beginning of an artistic career in many areas of society.

Sri Lanka fishermen

Sri Lanka fishermen

Fishermen in Sri Lanka with a somewhat unusual technique these days...



Who has never missed home, our relatives or that person who takes our heart away?

Bodybuilding taken to-extreme: Jay Cutler vs Ronnie Coleman


Two people, two examples that muscle development goes well beyond the limits we can imagine.

Shaolin Monks

Shaolin Monks

Two monks train hard at the Shaolin Monastery, the most famous martial arts temple in the world, Henan Province, China.

Swimming like a fish


The beauty of underwater photography wrapped in perfection and dynamism.

Cristiano Ronaldo's bike

Cristiano Ronaldo

An acrobatic bicycle kick goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, in a football match between Real Madrid and Juventus.

The Afghan girl 17 years later

Afghan girl

The famous Afghan girl now lives in Pakistan. She was deported from her home country.

Guerrillas Mujahideen, Afghanistan

Guerrillas Mujahideen

An armed fighter who is inspired every day by Islamic fundamentalism.

Beggars mother and son, India


The poverty of hopeful eyes, so well reflected here behind a car window. Excellent photo!

Refugees from Syria

Refugees from Syria

Three happy Sirya refugees among the millions on their way to Europe, who knows...

Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Pelé and director John Huston, during the filming of "Escape to Victory". (1981)


American-British-Italian sports war film under command of John Huston, in the distant year of 1981.

Friendship between the girl and her dog


Love between animals and humans can be gigantic, like the beauty of this photograph!

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